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GRAND GTRS, Pagelli 40th Anniversary Flattop - 4.2020 Juli/August

by Leonardt Breuken

The Holy COUCH Guitar Show from physical to virtual on May 2 & 3

Pagelli's virtual booth with shop tour

Live Interview with Pierre Jounel, La chaine guitare

The «SM» semi electric guitar 2019

Pagelli BOWtop guitar 2018

Pagelli Bowtop guitar - Redwood/Walnut

40th Anniversary acoustic guitar

Pagelli Gringobeat guitar - Caravaccio red

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Guitarist Magazine, Women in Lutherie - Special Collector Edition Spring 2020

by Adam Bradbury

Laid back Guitar Magazine Japan, The Boutique Guitar Gallery - Vol. 2 Spring 2020

by Kaz Goto JGHG

Akustik Gitarre, Testbericht 40th Anniversary Model - April/Mai 2020

by Andreas Schulz

Holy Grail Guitar Show Berlin

May 2-3 2020 Berlin

Design Musicale

by Antonio Marano

GrandGtrs -Grand Archtops

by Wolfgang Kramer

The «SM» semi electric guitar 2019

Claudio Pagelli luthier interview in Mannheim

by Pierre Journel

GinTonicTime - Pagelli's 40years celebration

pics by Clemens

Guitar Summit Mannheim - Resummé

27.-29.September 2019

Akustik Gitarre, Fachgespräch - Oktober/November 2019

by Andreas Schulz and photos by Andreas Schulz and us

Art Fair Tokyo 2019 resume

March 7th-10th


«Les Petites Naives» no 4

great opportunity

WOODSTOCK Invitational Luthiers Showcase - Résummé

Recognition Award of Chur


25.-28. January 2018

MASSARI «alps and homeland» - 10 | 20

limited edition

Gitane nouveaux - Stephan Meier

Custom made E-guitar - Ueli Weber

Dream me up Scottie

GRINGOBEAT custom made 2016


MASSARI «alps and homeland»

limited edition