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The «SM» semi electric guitar 2019

Claudio Pagelli luthier interview in Mannheim

by Pierre Journel

GinTonicTime - Pagelli's 40years celebration

pics by Clemens

Guitar Summit Mannheim - Resummé

27.-29.September 2019

Akustik Gitarre, Fachgespräch - Oktober/November 2019

by Andreas Schulz and photos by Andreas Schulz and us

Graubünden Magazin

Sommerausgabe 2019

40years anniversary - Silvio Liechti SFR1, Swiss Radio

Regional journal

Bündner Tagblatt and Art Fair Tokyo 2019

Art Fair Tokyo 2019 resume

March 7th-10th

Art Fair Tokyo 2019

March 7th-10th


«Les Petites Naives» no 4

great opportunity

WOODSTOCK Invitational Luthiers Showcase - Résummé

10th. Annual WOODSTOCK Invitational Luthiers Showcase

Sam Senn

Recognition Award of Chur

In tha house

NAMM 2018


25.-28. January 2018

Martin Gore

Depeche Mode

October 2017

New Shop

Interview in our new workshop

Regional daily newspaper and television

MASSARI «alps and homeland» - 10 | 20

limited edition

George Benson

Billy F Gibbons



Gitane nouveaux

Gitane nouveaux - Stephan Meier

Custom made E-guitar - Ueli Weber

Update 23.12.2016

Dream me up Scottie


Update 08.09.2016

Guitar Connoisseur Magazin

Update 13.06.2016


Elwood Francis - guitar player / tech

Montreux Jazzfestival - July 2016

Gringobeat purple

Update 24.06.2016

Getting closer

Update 13.06.2016




We activeted our shop - at the moment we got some discoveries in stock!

GRAND GTRS, Breukens Boutique Builder - 2016 (Jan/Feb)

by Leonardt Breuken

Contura - the Rhaetian Railway Magazine 2015/2016

by Erika Suter and photos by Meinrad Schade

HGGS 2015 Berlin / News / Party

Kind words...

Mats Nermark, Overdrive Consulting, Sweden


«I know of nobody, who so continuously reinvent themselves, while still being easily identifiable, as Claudia and Claudio Pagelli. For more years than I care to count, I have been looking at Pagelli guitars at different shows. And I always wonder how enormously rich and famous they would have been, if they had chosen an art form more accessibly to a broader audience. As it is, we can count ourselves lucky that they did chose guitars and keep enjoying their art for years to come.» - Mats Nermark


to his website and more reports from the HGGS 2015


MASSARI «alps and homeland»

limited edition

36 Years of Pagelli Guitars


36 Years of Pagelli Guitars—we can hardly believe it ourselves!


The internet was still years away, mobile phones didn’t exist, the first synthesizers had just come around, I had hair down to my hips, my wife was still wearing short skirts, and Brazilian rosewood was better firewood. But one thing we know for sure: Even after all these years, we spend every day being excited about guitars, we still feel that we can do even better, that we can get more out of our instruments, and that we haven’t seen the final chapter yet!


We’re touched by all the kind words and congratulations we’ve received from fellow luthiers from around the world, whose work we respect and admire. We’ve grown older with many of them, and a new generation has joined us. Some made a lot of money, others (Pagelli… ;-)) find themselves on the edge of ruin from time to time, but one thing connects us all: A passion and dedication to the instrument that will never go away.


In this spirit, we’d like to thank all of you, and say, «Here’s to the next 36 years!»


Congratulations | Feedback

Welcome to our new website!


A while ago, we decided that it was time to feature some new content on this website. But given how we’re a two-person show,  things don’t always happen as quickly as we’d like - there are just always too many fires burning at once!


However, we’ve now finally begun to do regular updates, so please come and visit us from time to time. We’re starting with a few basics, and will soon add audio clips, videos, and more.


One of the new features is that even though we are primarily known for our one-of-a-kind custom instruments, it is now possible to order standard Pagelli models. These models have grown out of guitars that we’ve built without a specific order from a client, whether for a trade show or just to get it out of our system, and we’ve often had requests to build similar instruments based on these ideas. These guitars are pure Pagelli designs, instruments on which we were able to give our creativity free reign. Even though they’re models rather than complete custom builds, these guitars can be ordered in many possible variations.


Over the course of the last few years, our focus has mostly been directed toward building acoustic guitars, especially archtops and steel-string flattops. And even though we consider archtops to be the greatest challenge and the ideal vehicle for applying everything we’ve learned, we also enjoy to occasionally indulge in our old passion of electric guitars. Don’t hesitate to ask about them!


We hope you enjoy our new site!


Claudio + Claudia


Massari blue Archtop

Pagelli goes fashion!

Akris punto

NAMM - believe in music!

The 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, January 23, 2015

GRAND GTRS, Grand Archtops- 01. 2015 (Jan / Feb)

von Peter Schilmöller


Schöner Testbericht im grand gtrs 2015 über die von uns entwickelte und von EASTMAN in Lizenz gebaute Archtop! www.eastmanguitars.com


Danke an Peter Schilmöller und grand gtrs !


Akustik Gitarre, Gitarre&Bass, Grand Gtrs - 01.2015

HGGS 2014, Berlin


Die Holy Grail Guitar Show ist ja jetzt auch schon wieder Geschichte..;-(

Schön wars - freuen uns jetzt schon auf November 2015...
und wer nicht dabei sein konnte, findet in den neuen Ausgaben von Akustik Gitarre, Gitarre&Bass und grand gtrs schöne Impressionen der Ausstellung.
Und natürlich auch auf der www.holygrailguitarshow.com site!


In dem Sinne: Viel Spass beim Durchstöbern! Claudio+Claudia

The Holy Grail Guitarshow

...schlichtweg wunderbar!

Gitarre&Bass und the Holy Grail Guitarshow

15. und 16. November 2014


Auch das Fachmagazin Gitarre&Bass ist in Berlin mit dabei - vorab schon einige Interviews mit Gitarrenbauern aus aller Welt. Unter anderem aber auch mit Claudio:




Unter dem Artikel sind auch Tests verlinkt, die von uns bei Gitarre&Bass über die Jahre erschienen sind – die stehen jetzt zum kostenlosen Download bereit!