Claudio Pagelli luthier interview in Mannheim

by Pierre Journel

GRAND GTRS, Pagelli 40th Anniversary Flattop - 4.2020 Juli/August

by Leonardt Breuken

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Guitarbench Magazine, Feature Pagelli | Grand LPN no 4 - 2019

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Sommerausgabe 2019

Martin Gore

Depeche Mode

Downbeat, The Art of the Archtop - July 2013

by Keith Baumann

Akustik Gitarre, Fachgespräch - Oktober/November 2019

by Andreas Schulz and photos by Andreas Schulz and us

40years anniversary - Silvio Liechti SFR1, Swiss Radio

Regional journal

Bündner Tagblatt and Art Fair Tokyo 2019

by Valerio Gerstlauer

NAMM 2018 - see some pics taken by us and watch a nice video

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Elwood Francis

guitarplayer and technician


«Its been a rough 2 weeks but a visit with Claudio and Claudia makes it all worth it. The Pagelli's are leaders in guitar designs and I always have a good laugh in their company. Of course, Im always speechless when they break out their resent works of musical art as there is no one doing anything remotely close to what they do.
Great people, great artists, and great friends.
This is what life is about. Enjoy it as best you can.»


Prince, Anastacia, Aguilera and many more

GRAND GTRS, Breukens Boutique Builder - 2016 (Jan/Feb)

by Leonardt Breuken

Mats Nermark

Overdrive Consulting, Sweden


«I know of nobody, who so continuously reinvent themselves, while still being easily identifiable, as Claudia and Claudio Pagelli. For more years than I care to count, I have been looking at Pagelli guitars at different shows. And I always wonder how enormously rich and famous they would have been, if they had chosen an art form more accessibly to a broader audience. As it is, we can count ourselves lucky that they did chose guitars and keep enjoying their art for years to come.» - Mats Nermark


to his website and more reports from the HGGS 2015


Pagelli goes fashion!

by Akris punto

Contura - the Rhaetian Railway Magazine 2015/2016

by Erika Suter and photos by Meinrad Schade


It is perhaps the calm and seclusion of Scharans which promote the necessary patience and precision to make world-famous guitars. This is where, in the experienced hands of Claudio Pagelli, plucked string instruments, perfect down to the very last detail, are created. It is from this small village near Thusis that they start their journey into the big wide world...


Click on this link for more information about the Contura magazine.

36 Years of Pagelli Gitarrenbau



36 Years of Pagelli Guitars - we can hardly believe it ourselves!

We’re touched by all the kind words and congratulations we’ve received from fellow luthiers from around the world, whose work we respect and admire:


«It's difficult to say just when our traditional craft of guitar making began evolving into a contemporary art form, but it most certainly has, and the work of Claudia & Claudio Pagelli is my proof of that.  They are among the rarest of luthiers whose work distinguishes true art from high level craft and novelty.  Hail Claudii!»
- Charles Fox, 


«In a world full of cloned guitars (mere copies of the models that have been around for decades) Claudio and Claudia Pagelli's breath-taking creativity feels like a breeze of fresh air. I admit it: whenever I see these beautiful instruments, a little (however healthy) envy pinches my soul, as I ask myself: «How come didn't I thought of making a guitar like that?»
They have earned a place at the top of contemporary European (and why not, global) lutherie. But above all else they are great people, and I am proud and honored of calling them my friends.»

- Leo Lospennato,


«Ihr lebst es, den Gitarrenbau. Seit 36 Jahren. Pagelli ist eine europäische Perle. Und sie strahlt von innen.»
- Frank Deimel,


«Dear Claudio and Claudia, congratulations on 36 years of amazing guitars.  Your work is an inspiration to anyone with eyes and ears.»
- Your friend, Harry Fleishman,


«Let's get it straight here, we wouldn't be what we are now without the Pagellis, they've always been the model to follow, Their perfect blend of design flair mixing so tastily elements of the past with a real sense of modernism doubled with a true artistically perfect execution, is the goal we still dream to reach. Thank you guys»
- John & Serge,


«Claudia & Claudio - the better I’ve gotten to know you over the years, the more I’ve learned to understand and love the extraordinary flow of creativity and passion that oozes from every seam of your work. I respect this moment as your friend and brother in arms. 36 years in your labor of love - wow - congratulations! May the tone be with you for many many more years to come!»
- Juha Ruokangas,


«Congratulation to your 36th anniversary! Please keep knock us out with your fantastic ideas and works to your 51th anniversary! Your  beautiful new website is full of inspirations. We are great fan of yours again!»
- Kaz and Akiko,


«Happy Birthday Team Pagelli!
Claudio and Claudia Pagelli have my deepest affection for their kindness and selfless service to others. That alone could keep me busy for a few pages, though the task at hand is to reflect on their 36 year contribution to the art of luthery and to their refinements of the design of modern guitars.

A true indication of a visionary’s influence is in the flattery of imitation. Claudia’s innovative visions and Claudio’s gift of realization have created a school of design that is so pervasive in contemporary guitar making that most observers would attribute the quick acceleration of the “new” style to some phenomenon of simultaneous discovery. 

Generations ago it would have taken lifetimes to establish this kind of influence on such a tradition bound trade as stringed instrument making. The internet could take some blame for the seemingly rapid paradigm shift, though it is the Pagelli’s graceful practice of giving more then they get that is the true source of our shared benefit from their contributions.

Historically speaking; the acclaim and the wealth from stringed instrument genius, like that of the team Pagelli, will go to the heirs of those who  were Italian and dead for a few centuries. It’s my prayer that Claudio and Claudia will see the rewards for their priceless work while we can still enjoy their presence.»
- Richard Hoover,


«Claudio and Claudia are close friends and their work continues to earn my highest respect. From the first time I saw their work I was deeply inspired. The originality of their designs and exquisite execution set a standard I can only hope to attain. Thank you for your artistry and friendship!»
- Abraham Wechter,


«I'm only making guitars since 20 years, so I've always been growing up in my work with the Pagelli's inspiring designs in the corner of my head, since the begining of my luthier's life. A different way to think guitars, not only in its shape, but also in its whole concept. Beautifull instruments, as only very skilled artisans can conceptualize and finally be able to reach the perfect balance between sound and design, with the goal to make of this intrument a tool for a musician, and also to be able to light the word art in artisan.»
- Pierrick Brua,


«Pagelli is style, charm, design and sonic qualities made available for musicmakers. Anniversaries are rewards for the good work done! Tanti auguri.»
- Andrea Ballarin,


«The Pagelli's are one of the super stars of original, outside the box creativity. Their innovative approach to both the construction and visual flair is unrivaled in this community and much envied by me personally. They are inspiration to the rest of us.»
- Doug Kauer,


»Dear Claudio, it's unbelievable! You celebrated 35 last year - I'll do that this year! And it seems to be only few years I built my first instrument and a while we first met each other. But I want to say, I have never met a person like you are! There is so much invention and creativity in your work! Very rare and seldom to see. After my opinion you are not a luthier only - you make jewels! Jewels that sound! Wish you all the best and a lot of such a nice instruments in your next 36 years!»
- Roman Zajicek, 


«Congratulation for 36 years in business! You are always adding more meaning to guitar making. I have deep respect for you.»
- Michihiro Matsuda,

GRAND GTRS, Grand Archtops- 01. 2015 (Jan / Feb)

von Peter Schilmöller


Schöner Testbericht im grand gtrs 2015 über die von uns entwickelte und von EASTMAN in Lizenz gebaute Archtop!


Danke an Peter Schilmöller und grand gtrs !

                                                                   The whole article

Gitarre&Bass und the Holy Grail Guitarshow

15. und 16. November 2014


Auch das Fachmagazin Gitarre&Bass ist in Berlin mit dabei - vorab schon einige Interviews mit Gitarrenbauern aus aller Welt. Unter anderem aber auch mit Claudio:


Unter dem Artikel sind auch Tests verlinkt, die von uns bei Gitarre&Bass über die Jahre erschienen sind – die stehen jetzt zum kostenlosen Download bereit!

GRAND GTRS, Acoustic Boutique - 03. 2014 (Mai / Juni)

von Jean Chapeau mit Bildern von René Tanner


 «Leonardo» Pagelli - Valser Quarzit Flattop


Mit einem ganz besonderen Auftrag des Steinbruchbesitzers Pius Truffer aus dem Valsertal in der Schweiz wurden Claudia und Claudio Pagelli für ihr neuestes Werk betraut. Die Firma Truffer ist in der Schweiz sehr bekannt, der Quarzit aus diesem Steinbruch ziert neben dem Schweizer Bundesplatz die amerikanische Botschaft in Berlin und das Palais des Congrés in Paris. Aber dieser Stein kam nicht nur in den Botschaften dieser Welt zum Einsatz, er ziert auch die prächtige Optik der berühmten Therme in Vals, gebaut nach Vorgaben von Stararchitekt Peter Zumthor...

DOWN BEAT, Claudio Pagelli Massari Archtop - January 2014

von Keith Baumann mit Bildern von David Allan


 Sleek & Unique


There are only a few luthiers who create new instruments that stretch the envelope of traditional archtop design. One such luthier is Claudio Pagelli, a visionary craftsman who has broken new ground with the introduction of his Massari model archtop...
The Massari is an amazing instrument that straddles the line between art and functionality.

SUSTAIN Magazine, an interview with Claudio Pagelli - Number 2, 1st. Q. 2013

von Leo Lospennato mit Bildern unter anderem von Ralph Feiner


 The «Holy Trinity» of Guitar Making


Tone, playability and beauty - the three main attributes of a good guitar come together in a workshop in Switzerland, where Pagelli guitars are born.

PREMIER GUITAR Magazine, Pagelli Guitars Massari Review - August 7, 2013

von Ben Friedman


Guitart - The intersection of where Extraordinary Craftsmanship meets Unbridled Creativity


Pagelli’s creativity and lutherie skills are nearly boundless. A quick perusal of his website reveals how wildly the offerings vary—from electric solidbodies to archtops, flattop acoustics, and basses. Typically, each instrument is a one-of-a-kind design, but in a break from tradition Pagelli has decided to build the closest thing to a production-line model that we’re likely to see from him—the new Massari archtop...
Playing the Massari, it’s easy to see why Claudio and Claudia Pagelli are held in such high esteem by other renowned builders. They’ve got a pretty rare combination of boundless creativity, exacting building standards, and stellar artistic sensibilities. The guitar may be priced like an heirloom, but that’s because it is one. Like all of Pagelli’s offerings, it’s bound to become a modern treasure.

                                                                   The whole article

GITARRE&BASS, Masterpiece - Januar 1, 2013

von Ebo Wagner mit Bildern von Ebo Wagner und René Tanner


Pagelli Convertible Guitar


Ist das abgefahren?! Vier Gitarren in einer, und mehr. So etwas kann nur von Claudio Pagelli kommen, dem unermüdlichen Innovator, dessen grosse Gabe es ist, auf einzigartige Weise Design und Funktion zusammenzubringen. Geboren werden seine Instrumente aus dem inneren Ansporn, sich immer wieder auf neue Territorien zu wagen, sich nicht zu wiederholen, und auch solche Aufgaben in Angriff zu nehmen, die jeder andere als nicht realisierbar erklären würde. Im Gegenteil - für Claudio scheint es überhaupt erst richtig spannend zu werden, wenn Sisyphos-Aufgaben anstehen...

GITARRE&BASS, Testbericht E-Gitarre - Februar 2, 2012

von Heinz Rebellius mit Bildern von Dieter Stork


Trashqueen Pagelli


Eine vollständig in Zelluloid gekleidete Gitarre sieht man heute kaum noch. Pagelli hat hier also wieder einmal ein Objekt rausgehauen, das das Besondere zu seinem Standard erhebt. Die TrashQueen ist - wie immer bei Pagellis - mehr als nur ein Kunstwerk, sondern auch eine absolut hochwertige, sehr gut klingende E-Gitarre, die in Kombination mit den modernen Q-Tuner-Pickups eine ungeheuer grosse Klangvielfalt an den Tag legt. Für mich persönlich ist diese Gitarre aber - wenn man Sounds und Aussehen zusammen bewertet - die Soulgitarre schlechthin, denn der Clean-Sound ist einfach in seiner Grösse und Klarheit bombastisch! Ein weisser Anzug, möglichst ein schwarzer Teint, Funk'n'Soul im Blut und dann die Pagelli TrashQueen im Arm - das ist klanglich und optisch wirklich nicht zu toppen!

AKUSTIK GITARRE, Testbericht Archtop - Nummer 3, 2010 (Mai / Juni)

von Franz Holtmann mit Bildern von Andreas Schulz


Pagelli Tim Ray


Gitarrenbaukunst! Wenn jemand im modernen Gitarrenbau den Kunstbegriff weit über das handwerkliche Geschick hinausgeführt hat und Begriffe wie Stil und Grandezza für sich in Anspruch nehmen darf, dann ist das Claudio Pagelli. Moment, zu kurz gegriffen, es muss natürlich heissen: Die Pagellis! Denn Claudia, des Meisters Frau, ist wesentlich am Design der wunderbaren Instrumente beteiligt.

Akustik Gitarre, Gitarre&Bass, Grand Gtrs - 01.2015

HGGS 2014, Berlin


Die Holy Grail Guitar Show ist ja jetzt auch schon wieder Geschichte..;-(

Schön wars - freuen uns jetzt schon auf November 2015...
und wer nicht dabei sein konnte, findet in den neuen Ausgaben von Akustik Gitarre, Gitarre&Bass und grand gtrs schöne Impressionen der Ausstellung.
Und natürlich auch auf der site!


In dem Sinne: Viel Spass beim Durchstöbern! Claudio+Claudia

Museum für Kommunikation Bern, Stromgitarren - 2005/06