Designed by Pagelli

Over the years, we have consulted for many other manufacturers, and we continue to enjoy this part of our business. We specialize in helping to optimize the manufacturing process, making tonal improvements, and also perform design facelifts on various models. 

Schertler SA, Mendrisio Switzerland



Stephan Schertler has many talents, but he is best-known for building the best acoustic guitar amps, as well as the highly successful Lydia pickups, which have set tonal standards for years. Naturally, it made sense to also offer the connecting link of the chain - a Schertler guitar. Our job was to conceptualize and design a guitar that differed from tradition, and which, combined with Schertler’s amplification systems, would be the ultimate stage instrument. Originally designed as a nylon-string, the guitar was also offered in a steel-string version for a while. Currently, only the nylon-string is in production.


Eastman Guitars, California USA



Our relationship with Eastman started when we were looking for a manufacturer to build high-quality archtops on a production level for a client who we were consulting for. Evaluating all the options, it quickly became clear that the best factory-made archtops made in Asia come out of the Eastman shop. In the end, the original project never happened, but the folks at Eastman were so taken by our Gringobeat Archtop that they asked about building it under a license agreement. The rest is a success story that continues today!


 Eastman PG2 Pagelli guitar

 Eastman PG2 Pagelli Signature Archtop - demo by Peter Schilmöller

For my review in the German guitar magazine «grand gtrs»
I tested the Eastman PG2 Pagelli Signature Archtop. This video shows how the guitar can sound in a musical context. The recordings were made with a Fender Blues De Ville amplifier and two Shure SM-57 microphones.

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Burns, London UK

Electricguitar «Jet-Sonic»


Barry Gibson and Keith West of Burns London fell in love with our Beatmaster when they saw it at the Frankfurt Musik Messe tradeshow a few years ago, so they asked whether we’d license the design to them. We did, and Burns ended up making a limited run of the guitars under the Jetsonic name. Now that the edition has ended, the guitars have become a sought-after rarity!.


Cort, Westheimer Corp USA



When the late Cort Guitars founder Jack Westheimer was looking for a fresh take on the Les Paul design, he took a fancy to one of our designs. Based on an instrument that was originally custom made for Swiss guitarist Pacal Scherrer, the Cort Pagelli sold very well, but is no longer in production..


sorry - they are no longer available!