Passion is a funny thing. From a marketing perspective, it would most certainly be more effective if we focused on one type of instrument and then repeated that over and over - that’s how people become famous! However, we just don’t function that way, and despite our best efforts to the opposite, we’ve managed to still be at least a little bit famous as it is.


I’m a bass player myself, and since I’m our most critical customer, I build what I can honestly evaluate. Because of the demand for our guitars, we don’t currently build a lot of basses, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love them; after all, some of them have gone own in history!

A good example is found in our «Golden Fretless Bass», which was the first bass to feature a fingerboard that extends all the way to the bridge, has no visible controls, and places the tunings machines on the back of the body - lots of innovation in a single instrument! (1997)

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